Baterista de Evanescence llama ‘idiotas’ a quienes vandalizaron en el KnotFest

Además dijo que su amor por los mexicanos no se verá afectado por la minoría que causó los destrozos

México.- El baterista de la banda Evenscence reaccionó a los destrozos causados el pasado fin de semana en el KnotFest, luego de que los organizadores del evento cancelaran su prestación por cuestiones de retraso en el itinerario.

Will Hunt reaccionó a los destrozos y manifestó su descontento por haber incendiado su batería, por lo que los llamó ‘básicos, débiles y estúpidos’.

Tras el incidente, Hunt dijo estar consiente de que los destrozos fueron causados por una minoría de los asistentes, por lo que aseguró que su amor por el país y los fanáticos mexicanos no cambiaría.

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So, a lot of questions about this. First and foremost everyone is ok. We love Mexico and as a whole the fans are incredible. The riot that happened was a small group of morons and they WILL NOT change my love for the Mexican people or our fans in Mexico. As for the rest of it, here are my (somewhat comical) take aways. 1st- Do you even riot bruh?! I mean, hell, if you’re gonna do it, REALLY do it!! Burn the whole fuckin’ thing down!!! What you pack of pu@$ies did was weak and stupid- JUST LIKE YOU. 2nd. If you’re gonna torch my beautiful @pearl_drums kit that meant the world to me (second video), at least cook some meat or marshmallows over the fire!! Fuckin’ weak ass pu@$y AMATEURS!! Again- weak and stupid JUST LIKE YOU. And 3rd- to the kind worker trying to clean up the mess- before you cart off my still smoldering kit (third video and because it used to rock so hard it’s still on fire!!) you should probably make sure the embers are out because IT CAUGHT BACK ON FIRE SMOKEY!!! So there ya go……… Moral of the story is don’t half ass anything…… least of which, your fucking riot, which again was WEAK AND STUPID JUST LIKE YOU FUCKING MORONS….

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